Activities in the first year will mainly focus on reaching out to managers and merchants by trade fair and media activities. This will allow to build awareness, acquaint the target group with the product, its values and high quality. Opinion leaders, the mass media and the administration will get information about program from Internet activity, PR and press. Consumers will have a chance to discover the taste and aroma of the European bicolored apples.

Second year of the program anticipates actions aimed at consolidating the current awareness and knowledge of European apples among managers, traders, representatives of distribution companies and sales networks through expanding the activities by trade missions and specialist conferences. Thanks to this a wide range of European growers – a multitude of varieties, modern methods of storage and a long tradition of crops will be presented. Consumers from China and the UAE will choose their favourite European apple varieties.

In the third year it is planned to build a balance of supply of apples – activities dedicated to managers and intermediaries including creating of a relevant demand for apples among consumers. Consumers will get information by comprehensive activities in mass media, PR, web portal. The activities are intended to allow customers in China and the UAE enjoy the taste of European apples.


Agricultural Market Agency is a Polish state-owned company supervised by the minister responsible for agricultural markets and the minister responsible for public finance (in terms of financial management). Since Polish accession to the EU that agency has the status of an EU paying agency and operates under the EU legislation. It is the executive Agency in the light of the national law since 1 January 2012.

Established in 2010. It supports transparent rules for export by the legal and economic consulting and dissemination of advanced quality standards. The Association promotes food and actively fights for working out uniform principles in the fruit-growers’ sector. The Fruit Union maintains contacts with representatives of the administration and economic institutions. The main objective of the organization is to promote Polish producers and distributors of fruit or vegetables and representing their interests both at home and abroad.

European Union is a community of nations conducting free market economy. It grants subsidies for the implementation of various projects in areas such as: urban and regional agriculture and rural areas development, maritime and fisheries policy, research and innovation. Managing more than 76 percent of EU budget is done in partnership with the national and regional authorities. The remaining funds are managed directly by the EU.

This organization brings together about 4 thousand fruit growers with a primary goal to represent their needs and interests. It provides consultancy services and shapes opinion about fruit growing. It undertakes activities in order to establish sustainable legal, economical and organizational foundations for strengthening of the Polish fruit growing and market integration within the European Union. The multi-annual organizer of national fair stands during: Fruit Logistica in Berlin, World Food in Moscow and international fruit conferences, lectures, seminars and cultural and educational events. It implements its activities through cooperation with central and local government authorities, as well as with the related national and international organizations.